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Published Books


Check below for more information on the books I've published and a few that I'm currently working on.


Young Adult Fantasy Novel

AGES: 13-16

On the cusp of her sixteenth birthday, halfling-mermaid CARABELLA, can’t wait to become a Nautar, the most elite soldiers in the cursed, sunken city of Sian. As a Nautar veteran, Carabella’s mother keeps her busy day and night, but strange occurrences are happening across the kingdom and all webbed-fingers point toward her. After uncovering an ancient myth, Carabella must choose between saving her own tail or going on a perilous journey to the deepest reaches of the sea. 


Kindle Vella Series 

AGES: 8-12

A fun and mischievous adventure about a merboy named BO and his little sister EBBA, as they both search for the great Shield that belongs to the ancient sea turtle, Thannares. 

Read along as the story is written and published!


Middle Grade Fantasy Stories & Poems

AGES: 8-12

A fun, little collection of stories and poems focusing on the idea of everyday magic and cool creatures. In this set you'll find fire breathing dragons, a studious griffin, spy teddy bears, playful autumn winds, and a very determined penguin.


Children's Picture Book

AGES: 3-7

Billy, a little boy with a big imagination, hears the phrase "white elephant gift exchange" and daydreams about the amazing adventures they will have, but taking care of a huge elephant might present a few big problems.


Writer's Group Anthology

AGES: Adult

A great mixture of various stories covering all sorts of topics and idea's surrounding the prompt, "journey's". 

Inside, you'll find my story, LUCK OF THE PAW, a heartwarming story about a big life change and the connections of daughter and father. 


Anthology of Texas Writers

AGES: Adult

A great mixture of many different voices and styles of Texas writers recalling stories told around the supper table.

Inside, you'll find my story, SEA CHANGE SHOP, an urban fantasy about an ambitious cowboy that meets a creature dealing in magic. And watch out for the mermaid!

Project Roster

These are some of the WIP (work-in-progress) projects I'm working on right now. I will post updates and a release schedule down the road. For now, this gives you an idea of what type of stories I love to read and what inspires me to write. 



STAGE: In Edits

Sixteen-year-old, halfling-mermaid CARABELLA, waited her whole life to escape the sunken city of Sian, but she never expected to still be under her mother’s webbed thumb, or to have her tail magicked into legs and meet a big, lumbering dragon named, KYDEN.


For as much as she doesn’t like this new, strange land, she quickly realizes he may be the only one who can help find the artifact that will prove her claims about the evil shadow man and his army of sea monsters. But finding the pendant isn’t as easy as either of them expect and their quest will take them deeper into the heart of the harsh, volcanic lands and ever closer to the true danger that awaits.

YA Fantasy Series

WIP TITLE: Realms of Airini

STAGE: Drafting

Growing up the only daughter of a notorious marauder hasn't been easy for sixteen-year-old EMBER Vexavero. Her strong magic and sly tricks were the only way to avoid drawing attention to herself— at least until her hand was promised in marriage to a rival tribe leader.

Now, on the run from her father's men, Ember is forced to team up with her witless uncle who spends more time with his head buried in his books than paying attention to the dangers that surround them.

Realms of Airini Series.png
TLW 2021 Mock Image.png

MG Werewolf Paranormal Fantasy

WIP TITLE: Werewolf Project

STAGE: In Edits

When fate comes howling...

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