Published Books

Check here to see some of the books I've published and a few that I'm currently working on.


Young Adult Fantasy Novel

AGES: 13-16

On the cusp of her sixteenth birthday, halfling-mermaid CARABELLA, can’t wait to become a Nautar, the most elite soldiers in the cursed, sunken city of Sian. As a Nautar veteran, Carabella’s mother keeps her busy day and night, but strange occurrences are happening across the kingdom and all webbed-fingers point toward her. After uncovering an ancient myth, Carabella must choose between saving her own tail or going on a perilous journey to the deepest reaches of the sea. 

MOONSPIRIT by Alyssa Casto.png


Middle Grade Fantasy Stories & Poems

AGES: 8-12

The simplest of choices can sometimes carry the biggest consequences. For that very reason, you must be on guard of each and every choice you make throughout the day. If you are not, you may just end up in a very sticky situation.

Like Adam, a boy who chose to take the scenic route to school only to find himself facing impossible monsters. Or that unleashing a rebellious streak could stir the ire of a covert society of spies.


You might even learn that it is impossible to keep a penguin prisoner and that autumn secrets dance on the wind like swirling leaves.


Only you can make the choice — if you’re brave enough — to explore this mysterious collection of stories and poems, and discover a world filled with mischief, fantasy, and adventure.


Children's Picture Book

AGES: 3-7

Billy, a little boy with a big imagination, hears the phrase "white elephant gift exchange" and daydreams about the amazing adventures they will have, but taking care of a huge elephant might present a few big problems.


Project Roster

These are some of the WIP (work-in-progress) projects I'm working on right now. I will post updates and a release schedule down the road. For now, this gives you an idea of what type of stories I love to read and what inspires me to write. 

MOONLIGHT by Alyssa Casto.png



STAGE: In Edits

Turning sixteen should have been a time to celebrate newfound freedoms, but for halfling-mermaid CARABELLA, it wasn’t. Instead, she was stuck with her austere mother while swimming from one end of the ocean to the other, dodging monsters trying to swallow them whole.

When they reach the fiery lands of Ganesa, dominated by dragons, she doesn't have much hope for freedom, but then she meets KYDEN, a benign behemoth, and learns of a stolen jewel said to carry the spirit of the moon. Carabella realizes this may be the key to convincing her mother about the secrets found in the deepest reaches of the sea. 

Working together, Carabella and Kyden must navigate beautiful yet deadly lands riddled with hungry predators set on making them their next meal.

YA Fantasy Series

WIP TITLE: Realms of Airini

STAGE: Drafting

Growing up the only daughter of a notorious marauder hadn't been easy for sixteen-year-old EMBER Vexavero. Forced to use magic to save herself countless times, she was known as untamable—at least until her father promised her hand in marriage to a rival leader.

Now, on the run from her father's men, Ember teams up with a witless uncle who spends more time with his head buried in books, than paying attention to the dangers of the wilderness surrounding them. 

Realms of Airini Series.png
TLW 2021 Mock Image.png

MG Werewolf Paranormal Fantasy

WIP TITLE: Werewolf Project

STAGE: In Edits

When fate comes howling...