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Published Books


Check below for more information on the books I've published and a few that I'm currently working on.


Anthology Collection

Stories of men and women who looked for oil under the land they call Texas.

To those who brought the ‘Black Gold’ to reality with their blood, sweat, and tears, and left their legacies for us.

Twelve authors use their imagination to bring you these stories revolving around the oil patch in Texas in the early days.


Young Adult Fantasy Novel

AGES: 13-16

On the cusp of her sixteenth birthday, halfling-mermaid CARABELLA, can’t wait to become a Nautar, the most elite soldiers in the cursed, sunken city of Sian. As a Nautar veteran, Carabella’s mother keeps her busy day and night, but strange occurrences are happening across the kingdom and all webbed-fingers point toward her. After uncovering an ancient myth, Carabella must choose between saving her own tail or going on a perilous journey to the deepest reaches of the sea. 


Kindle Vella Series 

AGES: 8-12

A fun and mischievous adventure about a merboy named BO and his little sister EBBA, as they both search for the great Shield that belongs to the ancient sea turtle, Thannares. 

Read along as the story is written and published!


Middle Grade Fantasy Stories & Poems

AGES: 8-12

A fun, little collection of stories and poems focusing on the idea of everyday magic and cool creatures. In this set you'll find fire breathing dragons, a studious griffin, spy teddy bears, playful autumn winds, and a very determined penguin.


Children's Picture Book

AGES: 3-7

Billy, a little boy with a big imagination, hears the phrase "white elephant gift exchange" and daydreams about the amazing adventures they will have, but taking care of a huge elephant might present a few big problems.


Writer's Group Anthology

AGES: Adult

A great mixture of various stories covering all sorts of topics and idea's surrounding the prompt, "journey's". 

Inside, you'll find my story, LUCK OF THE PAW, a heartwarming story about a big life change and the connections of daughter and father. 


Anthology of Texas Writers

AGES: Adult

A great mixture of many different voices and styles of Texas writers recalling stories told around the supper table.

Inside, you'll find my story, SEA CHANGE SHOP, an urban fantasy about an ambitious cowboy that meets a creature dealing in magic. And watch out for the mermaid!

Books I've Edited

Here are some of the projects I've worked on as an Intern Editor at Three Ravens Publishing.


Anthology Collection

Edited by Alyssa Casto

Do you have what it takes to survive when the Stuff Hits The Fan?

Only those who are lucky, properly equipped, or skilled have a fighting chance to survive through those first days of chaos. And only the strong have what it takes to thrive.

Join us on a journey of alien invasions, nuclear war, zombie hordes and more, in Tales of the Apocalypse. Eleven stories of desperation, heroism, and strife sure to hook your imaginations.

With stories by Anthony H. Roberts, Al Hagan, Jon Fain, JL Curtis, William Joseph Roberts, Linda Kay Hardie, Michael Craig, David Norling, Lorraine Sharma Nelson, Sarina Dorie, and Nebula and Hugo award winner, Robert Silverberg

Are you a survivor, or just fresh meat for the grinder when the world falls apart around you?


Edited by Alyssa Casto

Welcome Intergalactic Travelers

Come on in and enjoy the Mare Inebrium. We have a large facility and are sure we have something that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. In the top floor of our building we have a very fancy restaurant with lovely views of the city spreading out into the far distance. The floors above the main bar contain various restaurants, shops, meeting rooms, and we even offer hotel rooms for the discriminating traveler.

Our main bar is quite large, with room for several hundred patrons at once. The walls are decorated with paintings and mirrors that can shift to show either reflections or discrete views inside one of our many themed bars. Our displays of alien artifacts are scattered about tastefully throughout while the full bar itself is up against the back wall of the main room. Our main bar features literally hundreds of varieties of beverages to meet any tastes no matter how exotic.

If open spaces and large crowds are not to your liking, then please patronize any of our wonderful themed areas. If you prefer with a bit more of an adventurous edge, please join the many Space Rangers and other militaries from around the galaxy in our Red Dog Saloon. If you desire a more private and civilized setting, please join our “gentleman's club” at Piper's and our small ballroom is the perfect place to take in a musical or theatrical performance. For you truly celestial types, deities, writers, artists, and other beings of enormous power, you will enjoy the Pantheon Room.


Read along as the story is written and published!

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