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August Goals

My primary focus this month is to finish the edits on book one so I can turn it in to my beta readers and get back their suggestions before I push it out to the copyeditor. 💙

As soon as I turn in the manuscript to the copyeditor it will be time to dive into rewrites on book two. There are still have a few rounds of edits, but book one should be done in the next few months. This feels so surreal that it's nearing the end stages of finishing book one after working on it for so long.

I've already written the first draft of book two, but I plan to do a complete rewrite. My outline for it is pretty fleshed out. So I'll focus on building a plot grid to stay on track when it's time to do the next draft.

I still need to outline ROAS. It's a side project, but something I am very excited about. The only reason I couldn't get to it last month was that out of the priority list, the novels are just more important to me right now. However, I really want to push this forward, because I think it would be amazing to release at the same time as the novels.

If you've been following me, you know that newsletters and sending them have not been my strong suit. To mitigate procrastination and laziness, I'm putting out there exactly how many newsletters I want to send this month. With one already send last night, I'm on track. I do have to warn you that I'm not very good at designing them yet, but I will work on this in the coming months so you guys can look forward to receiving one each week.

As for my Redbubble designs, I love showing up for art and playing around in Photoshop for a few hours every week. I still feel a slight bit of guilt when I do art for too long (because that means I'm not writing), but if I can find a good balance I'd love to create a few more for my storefront.


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