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Mermaid Design Fun in the Downtime

I have been plugging away at editing the second half of my YA Fantasy novel for the majority of this week. It doesn't look like I'll meet my lofty goal of five chapters by the end of the week, which I figured might happen since I have to restructure many scenes in these next few chapters.

Needless to say, it's been quite a grind and my brain needed a bit of a break. I've had this idea for a design swirling around for days. It is totally inspired by the mermaid novel I'm writing right now—almost a direct quote actually.

So, to stir things up when I reached a point I thought my brain was going to melt, I took a break and went ahead and designed it.

Glad I did! I love this simple yet fun quote and playfully splashing tail, and I think you will too.

I forgot how much fun I have making these! It was also an amusing experiment for when I just need a break from writing but want to do something creative that is somewhat still connected to my book.

If you're curious about this item or any of my other designs, you can find them on my Redbubble Storefront.


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